Liebet Jooste, 2019

Artist Statement

My art is based on personal expression. Themes and mediums evolve but personal narrative remains my way of creative communication.
Driven by a lifelong instinct to explore my environment from a unique and intimate perspective I’ve become obsessed with the wonder and visual poetry that lies in its details.
Passionate about the ocean, the Western Cape recently became my home and I spend hours walking the vast, ever-changing beaches and peeping into rock pools bursting with colours, secret life, subtle movements and odd textures and shapes. Translating my experience of this Atlantic shoreline into semi abstract works in mixed media has become the conceptual focus of my work. My creative process consists of exploration, discovery and analysis on the shoreline followed by reflection and translation into artworks in my studio.

I hope to inspire in the viewer a deep sense of awareness and a personal appreciation for the marine environment.

Looking at the patterns of scattered shells. Paternoster, 2019



Liebet Jooste is a contemporary South African artist living and working in an old workers' cottage on a Strandveld plain outside the West Coast fishing village of Paternoster. Inspired by the natural environment surrounding her, Jooste interprets her experiences of it through intricate, semi abstract painted and illustrated works.

Born in Pretoria in 1983, Jooste grew up there and in 2006 obtained a BA Fine Arts degree from the University of Pretoria, specializing in expressive self-portraiture painting. The following year she was a finalist in the Absa L'Atelier Award and in 2008 part of the International Triennale of Contemporary Art in Prague.  Illustration was added to her practice when Jooste launched her designer brand, Things by Liebet in 2009. In 2011 she began exhibiting very detailed, quirky works on paper with a deeply personal narrative, which lead to her illustrating the cover artworks for Karen Zoid's 2012 album, Zoid Afrika. In 2015 Jooste self published her debut colouring book, The Colouring Book by Liebet which was featured in the Go!, Weg! and South African Artist magazines. It was also named one of Visi magazine's picks of the week. Her second colouring book, Liebetland: A Colouring Book, was published by Imagnary House in 2017. Jooste moved to Betty's Bay in the Overberg region of the Western Cape at the end of that year.

The long awaited new life by the sea had a significant influence on her work. Living right on the beach meant shore life became the dominant theme as she began creating works that reflected her experience of this bio diverse coastal environment. After a year she moved up the coast to the West Coast Peninsula, which meant she remained close to the Atlantic Ocean but the land vegetation changed from Fynbos to Strandveld.

Situated slightly inland, Jooste now works in a rustic home studio surrounded by vast open veld and the ever-changing elements. However, the ocean is still the constant theme in her work because hearing the waves crash in the distance, the foghorn on a misty day and seeing the lighthouse of Cape Columbine turning through the night, her imagination remains fixed on the wildly poetic, marine world that awaits her regular creative explorations.

Walking the long beach between Eerste Mosselbank and Tweede Mosselbank on a misty day. Paternoster, 2019


Nest - Untitled, Cape Town
Liebetland - Longstreet Art Lovers 1932, Pretoria
Fotostaatmasjien - No End Contemporary Art Space, Johannesburg
The Storytellers - Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria
Sight Of Sound - Fient Lifestyle Gallery, Pretoria
Re-Reading The Future / International Triennale of Contemporary Art - National Gallery, Prague
Behind Every Door Lies / Absa L'Atelier Award - Absa Building, Johannesburg
Somewhere - Magpie Gallery, Pretoria
Does this go with your furniture? / Fourth-year Fine Arts exam presentation. - University of Pretoria, Pretoria
White Elephants And Sweet Nothings - Potchefstroom Art Museum, Potchefstroom


Publish  Liebetland: A Colouring Book
Publish  The Colouring Book by Liebet
Illustrator on Karen Zoid's album, Zoid Afrika.
Launch designer brand, Things by Liebet